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Treatments Available with Dr Hunt

There is a wide variety of treatment available with the Sydney Skin Institute that you may be interested in.

Types of skin that will benefit from treatment

At the Sydney Skin Institute we offer different programs to assist in rejuvenating and keeping your skin looking it’s best. Individual therapies or combinations to treatments can provide benefits for the health and overall appearance of the skin. Treatments are available for:

* dull, weathered skin
* freckling
* blotchy pigmentation
* sun damage
* fine wrinkles
* shallow acne scars

An appropriate regimen of skin care can restore wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented or sun-damaged facial skin, creating a fresh, tighter, younger looking skin of even colour and smoother texture.

Tailored Programs

A tailored program can be designed to rapidly rejuvenate, and then maintain your skin combining therapies involving:

Visit each of the individual links on the home page to find out more about the available treatments with Dr Jeremy Hunt.

Treatments with Dr Hunt